“Miles Donahue has just provided all of us Jazz educators with a remarkable tool in his latest offering, ‘THE JAZZ WORKBOOK, Volume 1’. The author’s intention is to provide meaningful exercises that are aimed at helping INTERMEDIATE jazz improvisers increase their skills. I believe that he has succeeded wonderfully along these lines. The material provided, the format and the presentation are first-rate. This is a very intelligent way to go, in my opinion. But it doesn’t stop there… The accompanying play-along CD is perhaps, even as valuable as the book!! Miles gives you the exercises, and he also gives you the real environment of a Jazz background to play along with!! (very COOL!) (I would guess that many advanced players will love to play along with these tracks… I know that I do!!!) All in all, this is a wonderful work… I recommend it highly!!! (and I can’t wait to see volume 2!!)”

– Mick Goodrick

“It’s nice to see a book written about Jazz improvisation by someone who is a master of practicing and playing. Miles knows what he is talking about and these exercises, if applied seriously, will help any aspiring Jazz player and could also be used by a professional player looking to review the basics.”

– Charlie Banacos